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The HIT-23MS
The HIT-23MS has two servo motors and eight forming slide assemblies which are controlled to provide synchronised operation by CNC to give multi-stage wire forming capacity. The machine can be programmed with an infinite variety of instructions with speed and precision.

The machine can precisely form complex coils and wire forms including extended loop springs, double torsion springs, conical compression springs, spiral flat wire springs, battery springs, formed wire springs, copper wire coils (with enamel stripping), oval springs and magazine springs.

Machine Specification
Wire diameter 1.4 - 2.3 mm
Maximum outer diameter 60 mm + 60 mm
Maximum spring length 1,000 mm
Maximum length for feed 20,000 mm/step
Maximum leg length 60 mm + 60 mm
Wire feed speed 0 - 120 M/min

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